Rehabilitation and Layups

The Aqua-Tread is an important tool for rehab at Mortgage Hall.  It is a treadmill under water.  This allows the horse to exercise while reducing impact.  Walking is a more natural exercise for horses and causes less stress to the back, a common site of soreness in racehorses.  Young horses usually acclimate to this new therapy in just one session and seem to really like the activity.  The whirlpool can also be used without the treadmill when needed.  This therapy is offered to training/boarding horses, as well as outside horses that trailer in just to use the facility.  Please inquire for prices.

Click below for video:


  The Aqua-Tread

Prepping the colt (feet and legs washed prior to entering)

Slow speed as the colt gets accustomed

Therapeutic speed with whirlpool

Therapy complete and colt will get hosed off



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