About Us

Jeannie Rofe started over 20 years ago in the thoroughbred racing industry.  She started by breaking babies for Mr. Mellon (Rokeby Farm) after finishing college in 1973.  When she went out on her own, she started by taking horses that other trainers didn't want.   Through her efforts of retraining some of these difficult horses, Jeannie has proven herself as a reputable and successful trainer.  She has been recognized for two years in a row by being awarded "Virginia Trainer at Colonial Downs".  She has been at the Middleburg Training Center for her entire career and has raced at Charles Town, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and of course Virginia.


Dr. Calvin Rofe is a veterinarian with offices at the Middleburg Training Center.  His practice encompasses all components of the racing industry as well as reproduction.


As a team, Jeannie and Calvin manage their racing stables at Mortgage Hall and at the Middleburg Training Center.  In addition, with Aaron's Gold, they manage a small breeding operation. 

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